Bardez in India is a home of several top-class gambling destinations. One such an example is the Paradise Casino at the Neo Majestic Hotel. This luxurious spot is recognised as a place where families and business people can come to enjoy their free time, organise fancy events and relax from the stressful modern lifestyle. Obviously, the Casino Paradise, the largest one in Goa, is always ready to welcome curious visitors and experienced gamblers at any time of the day; the casino features several fan-favourite casino games, a wide casino floor and unlimited food.

Experience the Robotic Arm Baccarat Station

Knowing that Paradise Casino is part of a 5-star hotel helps visitors to set their expectations of the venue straight. Namely, this gambling hub is nicely furnished and carefully designed in order to catch the eye even of the pickiest guests. The casino floor is well organised over an area of 5,000 sq/ft and it is open 24/7.

Aside from the fancy plush interior, what makes Paradise Casino so attractive to a wide range of locals and foreign tourists is the impressive game selection. For example, the venue offers the most popular table games in the industry including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, mini flush and slots. The casino’s star, nonetheless, is the latest addition Robotic Arm Baccarat station that provides a unique gambling experience for those that love this game.

As long as visitors have a valid ID and wear proper clothes they can enjoy playing in Paradise Casino after paying the entry fee. Just like the majority of the Goa casinos of this class, the entry fee is set at 1,000 rupees; this fee applies to any day of the week. In the entry package visitors get unlimited food on buffet and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and snacks while playing on gambling tables.

Hotel neo majestic goa

Hotel Neo Majestic!

Luxurious Accommodation and Fine Dining Options

Besides gambling, there’s a long list of activities that guests at Neo Majestic Hotel can try. Therefore, before heading to dinner in one of the exquisite restaurants they can revive their senses at the hotel soothing spa. Also, they can simply relax and detoxicate in the sauna and the steam or take a dip in the swimming pool. The hotel also features a state-of-the-art gym with lots of working out machines to try out. Finally, there’s the hair salon where anyone can get a complete makeover before hitting the casino floor.

Obviously, the dining experience is given much respect in Neo Majestic Hotel and therefore guests have three different restaurants to choose from. The first option is Café M, a place where they can grab a quick lunch or enjoy tasty coffee drinks. Dim Sum is the must-visit place for fans of the Chinese cuisine, where guests can enjoy the unusual flavours of the Chinese dishes. Finally, the Spice Garden is all about the authentic Indian cuisine as well as the traditional Goan dishes prepared with lots of love and care by the restaurants Master Chef.


Those on the look for an unforgettable holiday in a top-class hotel and gamble at a luxurious casino should place Paradise Casino & Hotel Neo Majestic on their bucket list. This destination has a great variety of casino games as well as amenities and dining options to satisfy the needs of all types of guests; thus, regardless whether you want a one-person adventure or a family trip, this is the place to book your stay.