Goa’s casinos may be the best kept secrets in India and Goldfinger Casino is one of those secrets. As part of the Cidade de Goa Beach Resort, Goldfinger Casino is just 10 minutes from the capital city of Panjim. It’s a beautiful resort sprawled along a tranquil beach on 40 acres of land surrounded by Portuguese architectural style, a mural of a bygone era with its vibrant overhanging balcaos.

Latin indulgence and hospitality is what make this resort unique in itself. Every possible amenity is available to you, especially the beautiful view of the sea. Everything here has been infused into one perfect whole, from tasty cuisines to fun and entertainment.

What to Expect

The dress code for the casino is smart casual & formal. You won’t be allowed access if you wear slippers. Gaming-wise you will find standard games like slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. There are more than 35 slot games at disposal. It’s not the biggest casino, but one that is a state of the art gaming facility that is open 24/7 for passionate players. The entrance fee includes food and drinks.

There is also a big computerized game that simulates Vegas horse races. You can also watch major sport events on the large TV screens. The casino has exactly the same charm as the hotel and provides inspiring atmosphere especially if you are playing games of skill where you need to deliberate your moves on a deeper level.

Cidade de goa Beach resort

Cidade de Goa Beach Resort!

Local Attractions

Goa is known for many extracurricular (non-gaming) activities. When you want to rest from Goldfinger Casino and all the adrenaline, you can try the array of restaurants where you can try signature haute-cuisine. The chefs are very inventive and you will enjoy many of their interpretations of local favorites. Some of the rewards the resort has received are “Marque of Excellence” for the year 2009 by Thomas Cook and “Best World Cuisine/Fusion” award in 2011.

The beach activities are ample considering the sun shines brighter at the Cidade de Goa resort. There are even kids’ facilities, Swedish body massages for rejuvenation, treatments based on holistic ayurvedic techniques, and state of the art gym provided by the resort as part of the Club Saude.

You can ask for trainers to set you up with a personalized fitness program to stay in shape while on vacation. Or, maybe you can go swimming in the resort’s pool or the sea next to it. But these are only some of the amenities available.


When you are in Casino Goldfinger & Cidade de Goa Beach resort, at moments you will feel as if you weren’t in India. The entire place is very unique and built by people that know how to enjoy life, for people that actually enjoy life. Regardless if you are coming for the casino or just to relax as a guest at the hotel, this resort will fill up your batteries for years to come.