If you spot a large and luxurious cruise ship in the River Mandovi in Goa, Panaji, then you’re probably looking at the famous Deltin Caravela Casino & Hotel. This beautiful sea monster is owned and operated by Delta Corp, a reputable gambling operator that stands behind several other gambling facilities. This refurbished cruise ship hit the waters in 2016 and quickly made headlines as the first floating hotel and casino in the area i.e. a place where luxurious accommodation and gambling are combined to create an ultimately entertaining experience for guests.

Casino Game Offer and Tournaments

Deltin Caravela Casino, according to the operator, was designed in order to offer fans of gambling an experience of a lifetime. This impeccably furnished gaming floor covers a wide area of 60,000 sq/ft and features a total of 17 table games. Visitors can enjoy 122 gaming positions and over 10 live table games in a gambling facility that shall certainly make them feel as VIPs.

The long list of gaming options includes Texas Hold’em poker, American roulette, Teen Patti, baccarat, blackjack, 3-card draw poker, 5-card draw poker, mini flush, casino was and Mang Patta. It goes without saying that all the dealers are well trained and provide for an even better gambling environment. Visitors of the Deltin Caravela Casino can also take part in thrilling tournaments; mostly these are poker tournaments that attract lots of attention among locals and offer juicy prize pools.

Deltin Caravela Casino & Hotel

What a extraordinary boat!

Entry Packages

Visiting this fabulous gambling facility, naturally, comes with a certain entry fee. Well, when it comes to Deltin Caravela Casino there is, in fact, an entry package. At the time of this writing there were three packages in total, each designed to meet the needs of a different category of guests.

The 10K entry package is for those that simply want to check out the atmosphere and enjoy some gambling without obligations. Those that will purchase it shall be given 10,000 one-time play chips and unlimited premium drinks and snacks. The second entry package costs 20K and comes with 20,000 worth of non-negotiable chips. Moreover, guests are given unlimited premium drinks and snacks as well as dinner.

Finally, there’s a package for those intending to stay at the hotel in addition to gambling. This is called a platinum package and costs 55,000 per night. It offers players 50,000 worth one-time play coupons, airport to hotel transfers, accommodation in a suite for one night, breakfast and a choice of drinks including wine and premium scotch.

Dining and Other Facilities

Naturally, staying at such a place comes with lots of facilities and dining options. Deltin Caravela flotel is proud of the Skylight Restaurant & Bar, where guests can have a world-class dining experience. Moreover, there’s an exclusive Cocktail Bar, where a skilled bartender amazes all visitors with dream cocktails.

Other facilities and amenities that guests can enjoy include a spa, jacuzzi, indoor dining, business centre, library. In other words, Deltin Caravela Casino Goa & Hotel is a place that offers a perfect mix of gambling and relaxation, something that can easily lead to the holiday of anyone’s dreams.


Anyone looking for a luxurious and enchanting casino experience should give Deltin Caravela Casino a try. This casino and hotel offers a unique way of testing your casino gambling skills as well as a chance to escape the busy everyday life. It goes without saying that a destination operated by the Deltin Group is a dream come true in terms of game selection, casino packages and entertainment; thus, this is a highly recommended place.