The term ‘land based casino’ appeared only recently when online casinos first appeared. It’s used to distinguish an operator that provides casino games on the internet from an operator that provides games in the physical or traditional format. Before online casinos, land based casinos were usually called ‘onshore and offshore casinos’ depending on whether they were located on the mainland or an island just like the casinos in India reviewed here.

About Landbased Casinos

Ever since the Ancient Greeks and Romans and all throughout the human history, mankind has seen various gambling houses that today take the form of land based casinos. But, the first land based casino similar to what we know today was launched sometime around 1638 in Venice, Italy.

It was called ‘Ridotto’ and was closed in 1770 by the government of the city because the city officials thought it’s intention was to deplete the riches of the local rich men. Thanks to these prototypes, in the next centuries an entire industry spawned that we know today as the gambling industry.

Land Based Casino
Land Based Casino

Today’s Land Based Casinos

Comparing the first casinos with today’s Indian 5-star resorts is unimaginable. A modern day land based casino has made gambling the most luxurious experience that you can get thanks to movies like James Bond and other.

Usually the best land based casinos are those found across the USA, Europe, Australia and Macau. But as other economies evolved, countries like India became able to give the world some of the best resorts and casinos according to the highest industry standards.

Because of that, it’s not uncommon for entire Indian families to go on vacations at big casino resorts where there is ample of fun and entertainment for every age from spas, pools, and night clubs to cinemas, restaurants, beaches and kids’ activities. You don’t even have to play in the casino, you can just relax in the resort with first class service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Land Based Casinos

The advantages of Indian land based casinos over those found online are obvious. You get to socialize, spend quality time with the best games in a bustling atmosphere, meet fun characters, drink cocktails, play in VIP rooms, attend casino parties, and you get all the other amenities that come with the resort (if part of any).

The entire experience is more visceral and genuine. There is nothing like walking down the casino isle to take up a table, change some chips and play eye to eye against the dealer or other players, and eventually walk out as a winner.

There are also disadvantages compared to online casinos, and these mostly revolve around the fact that Indian online casinos offer more convenience in playing real money games for those that don’t have access to a local casino or want to play in the privacy of their own homes. That way they get to cut on the trip to the casino and instead can play on their smartphones wherever they are. Plus, the bonuses at Indian online casinos can be much better.