Teen Patti or Flush to people worldwide is a well-known game under a different name; namely, Teen Patti means “three cards” in English and, naturally, it offers a gameplay almost identical as the one found on the popular 3-card poker. Nonetheless, players from India will easily recognise Teen Patti as one of the top picks in both land-based and online casinos across the country.

This simplified version of poker is a great option for those that want fast-paced gambling sessions, but don’t feel like learning new rules or hand rankings. Possibly the best thing of all is that lots of Indian-friendly online casinos are featuring Teen Patti in their game selection, meaning players based in India can play from the comfort of their home or on the move.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti Gameplay

Teen Patti, also referred to as Flush, is usually played with a standard 52-card deck of cards, out of which the jokers have been removed. When offered at land-based casinos, this game is often played with three to six players that compete against each other. However, the online version of the game actually lets the player play against the software; thus, providing for a more intimate experience for those that don’t feel like socialising or leaving their home.

Anyway, the game starts with dealing of the cards; obviously, depending on whether you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino or online, the cards are either dealt counter-clockwise to all players on the table or you are just given random cards by the software. Just like the name suggest, players get three cards and place the initial bet, which is often called ante. From that moment on, the gameplay can go “seen” or “blind”, meaning players either decide to look at their cards or play without taking a peek. When playing at online casinos, you can click a button in order to take a look at the cards or just proceed without seeing them.

Afterwards, there comes a betting process quite similar to the one on regular poker games. Each of the players gets to either increase the bet of stand. The circle goes round and round either until all but one player fold or until there are two players that stand. Playing online is similar to this, just the player gets to either increase the bet, stand or fold. Finally, the cards are shown and the best hand takes it all.

Hand Rakings

When it comes to hand ranking, passionate poker players shall recognise them easily. It turns out that besides the name, Teen Patti is quite similar to all other poker games out there. Therefore, the highest hand is called trail or set and it features three of a kind. Next on the list of strongest hands is pure sequence, when three consecutive cards of a same suit appear. A standard sequence aka run is the third strongest hand, whereas colour is the fourth. Finally, the two remaining hands that can help choose the winner are pair, when there are two cards of the same rank, and high card.

Playing Teen Patti Online

Those having second thoughts about playing Teen Patti online shouldn’t worry too much. Reputable online gambling operators that welcome players from India provide a safe and fair gambling environment. In other words, they feature games developed by audited and established software providers whose picks are 100% secure and fair.

Regarding the overall gambling experience, players can choose to play on desktop or mobile devices. This means that as long as they have a strong Internet connection they can enjoy Teen Patti regardless their location or the time of the day. Plus, joining popular online casinos usually comes with generous bonuses and rewards that pave the path towards thrilling as well as rewarding online Teen Patti gambling sessions.

Betting Limits

Just like all other gambling games, Teen Patti often comes with betting limits that limit the amount players can either initially bet or raise. Traditionally, Teen Patti comes with no limits, fixed limits, spread limits or pot limits. No limit games are often quite thrilling to play, but can also be very dangerous to the losing party. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to find no limit Teen Patti online. When the game is played with fixed limits, usually all players have to place an equal initial bet and then the highest raise must be equal to the last wager.

Spread-limit betting on Teen Patti suggests that players are allowed to raise any amount of money as long as it is within a previously determined betting range. For example, there may be a 6,000-rupee spread limit that restricts the raise amount to no more than 6,000 rupees. Lastly, pot limit Teen Patti restricts the raise amount to the size of the whole pot at the time of the raise. Thus, if the pot size is 10,000 rupees before a player’s turn, that player is entitled to a maximum raise of 10,000 rupees.