You will be amazed how popular of a pastime sports betting is in India and around the world. It’s huge and it generates billions of dollars for sports betting companies each year. But, that doesn’t mean that players don’t win. They have their fair share of winnings and most importantly, they have lots of fun in the process.

For some it may be difficult to understand why sports betting attracts so much attention. But, if they’d had the chance to bet on a sports game at least once in their lives, they would understand the excitement coming from it.

Sports themselves are extremely popular, and when sports fans spice up the games with bets, watching the game becomes even more exciting. Instead of watching games as neutral spectators, sports fans that bet on games invest themselves much more and have more fun.

Sports Betting for Beginners

You don’t have to be a knowledgeable sports fan right away when you want to start with sports betting. Although knowledge of the teams and players is essential towards betting successfully, you can start with limited or no background knowledge at all.

Sports betting

Sports betting

You can still win money by looking at the odds without knowing which team is better. The lower the odds the bigger the favorite. The rule is simple: the higher the odds, the weaker the underdog. So, if you want a sure win, just bet on the favorite.

However, if you want to win consistently, then you will have to explore sports betting on a deeper level. If you want to immerse yourself into it, you will need to invest a lot of effort too. First you can start by understanding the types of wagers that are not the most common like the ‘win, draw or lose’ wagers. There are lots of others seemingly complicated wagers you can make at Indian sportsbooks.

But to do that, you must start following the actual sport, team or player that you want to bet on. Only that way you can receive enough information to make a smart bet. Sometimes two opponents have relatively the same odds to win or lose. How do you decide which to bet on? By researching every factor that is included in the match, for example, injured player, home turf, weather condition, morale, form etc.

This is essential if you want to be successful on a long run. You can do all of that effectively by implementing techniques like record keeping & performance analysis. If you truly want to become a good bettor, read what you can about this process from more experienced Indian and international bettors on the internet.

How to Bet on Sports

Betting on sports is a bit different than gambling on casino games. You can do it both online and offline. Online is preferred by many Indian sports bettors because it’s convenient, it’s fast and sometimes the odds are far better. Not to mention the bonuses that are given to new or loyal sports bettors.

Every Indian sports betting website has its own betting platform that players can use to place their bets via smartphones or websites. They are easy to use and follow the same principle and design. But, to start betting you need to open an account first.

By opening an account you get the benefit of scoring a free bet offer, which is like a welcome bonus offer at Indian online casinos. The free bet is given under certain conditions, but if you make a correct prediction using it, you can cash out free money without risking your own.

To bet on a particular team or player or event you just have to tap or click on the odds assigned to the team or player. Once you’ve clicked on the odds, the selection is transferred automatically to a bet slip. Every selection you make will appear on the bet slip and there you can choose the bet amount you are willing to invest to make the predictions. The bet slip will show you the potential return.

The Best Sports for Betting

There is no ‘best sports’ for betting ultimately. Best is what you are best at. If you know more about soccer, you will make more money on soccer betting instead of e.g. cricket. Stick to what you know most.

There are players that like to mix it up a bit. For example, they bet on various sports where they see value. Their bet slips can consist of cricket, field hockey, soccer, tennis, badminton, or even chess and all sorts of games. As long as you are able to detect profit, bet on any sport you like.

Comparing Odds

There are dozens of sports betting websites on the internet that accept players from India, which is a good thing. This makes for a stiff competition, and operators try to make their services more appealing than the other. This is why somewhere you can find better bonuses. Every sports betting website takes the odds from the same or different oddsmakers, which is why odds can be different at different websites.

By comparing the odds for the same games at different Indian operators, you can possibly exploit a sudden rise in the odds. It is at that moment that it’s best to make a bet until the odds settle in order to take advantage of them at the moment when they are at their highest.


Be it gambling or not, betting on sports has existed ever since people started doing sports. It’s in our nature to try to compete with other people by guessing an outcome and become the ultimate tipster king. Even ancient Romans and Greeks made bets with their fellows at the ancient Olympics or in the Coliseum. Now, all of that has grown into a huge industry that generates lots of money for bettors and operators alike.