Slots started out as casual bar games that could win you a free drink or meal. However, with the development of the Las Vegas area into the gambling capital of the world, these games became more prominent than ever. Suddenly every hotel and casino floors where most of the people flowed were filled with slots so that potential players could be closer to them and hear the jackpots louder.

Slots are games that involve no skill whatsoever, which doesn’t mean you can’t use your head to monitor your bet amounts. Indian slot players easily fall within the vicious circle of trying to recover losses while losing even more. While this risk is true for all casino games, slot players are particularly vulnerable.



Anyway, in this article we will tell you the basics of slot games, how they work, and how to play them. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know these games closer, now is the chance. They don’t cost much to play and you don’t have to be a skilled gambler, but in return you can get thousands and in rare cases millions of dollars in winnings.

Understanding Slots

Many Indian players don’t realize that today’s modern digital slots come from mechanical machines that were played literally by cowboys as early as 1891. The one-armed bandit as it was called was a simple saloon & bar game that usually had only three reels with card symbols on them and a lever to pull so that the reels can spin.

After the reels settled and if a poker hand was formed on the single line, the winner got a drink, a meal or other confectionary products. No money was paid out in order to avoid being labeled as a gambling game.

Today’s slots work on the same principle only without the mechanics relying on chips, graphic cards and processors (for the physical slots) and game programming (in the case of online slots). In order for the slot game to give out random outcomes, every slot machine is fitted with RNG (Random Number Generator) technology. That way the game produces symbol combinations even when it’s not played in order to guarantee random outcomes. This means that the RNG is in perpetual motion.

This is why myths about hot and cold slots don’t exist. These myths are based on the notion that each slot is bound to make a payout after a longer session of losses. It was not uncommon to see people fight for a slot game after another player stopped playing. They thought that the slot was bound to make a pay so they fought who is going to be the next player on it.

But all of that is wrong. As mentioned, the RNG constantly produces random outcomes even when the players don’t play the slot game. This eliminates all patterns and cycles of the same symbol combinations. The chances to predict the outcome is impossible.

Elements of the Game

Each slot consists of screen and buttons which are used to spin the reels and adjust your bets. However, since more and more new slot games across Indian casinos come with touch screens, there are no more analog buttons, but instead soft keys on the screen. The reels are represented with animated columns, which have symbols on them.

When slots became electrical in the 70s, manufacturers used to leave the lever for that classic feel, but now even the lever is being eliminated. The same controls found on touch screen slots at Indian land based casinos can be found at online casino slots, so the principle of playing is the same. You enter the bet amount, hit the spin button and hope for the best.

How to Choose the Best Slot

Experienced Indian players select their slot games based on different factors. They take into account the payout percentage (house edge), the bonus features that the slot has, which can mean increased winnings, and aesthetics, which is the least important thing if you want to find the most profitable slot. And most importantly, they don’t believe in myths.

To find out what the house edge is, you can do a little research. Many Indian casinos post their game audit reports, where the payout percentages may be listed for each game. Another way to find if a game pays more often than the other is to try it in free play mode. That way you can find out all the features it offers, whether it has wilds, scatters, multipliers, second screen bonuses and additional functions that enhance your experience and possibility for a wealthy payout.

Can I Play Slots with a Bonus?

Bonuses are integral part of the online casino industry, and 70% of the deposit bonuses around are exclusively intended for playing slots and other games of chance. Sometimes Indian casinos give a bonus for a specific slot game usually in the form of free spins. This is why it’s recommended to pay attention to the latest bonuses released so you won’t pass on a good offer for your favorite slot. Every help in winning the jackpot is welcomed, right?

Types of Slots

At the beginning there were only 3 reel slots. There are accounts a 5 reel slot too where the reels would form a poker hand, but manufacturers limited the early slots mostly to 3 reels. With time 5 reel slots started dominating the market.

With the advent of electrical slot machines, the winning lines increased too. So, now instead having to hit just one winning line, which was usually placed centrally, slots started having multiple horizontal as well as diagonal lines. Today some slots have winning lines that run from right to the left too.


With enough luck and budget, slots can mean easy and big money. We still remember crazy progressive jackpot wins that went into millions. For example, the biggest slots jackpot won online was 17 million EUR in 2015, and was won in United Kingdom by a veteran soldier who played on his smartphone. The biggest jackpot won in Las Vegas is twice as that. There are even players that have managed to hit progressive jackpots of several millions twice in couple of years. That’s real dedication, isn’t it?