Even though players from Europe and the United States haven’t even heard of Passa (Dice), this game is a true gem in India. Passa has been played for centuries by players from India and it is considered an inseparable part of the cultural and social life in the country. This game has interesting and unique gameplay that includes unusual dice and randomness.

It comes as no surprise that Passa is adored by Indian players considering the fact this game has probably originated in India. Curious players shall be surprised to find out that the game is mentioned in the Rig Veda, plus it was one of the games on the list of Buddha Games. Passa was very popular in the past and it is believed that this game caused lots of people to either gain unimaginable fortunes or gamble away their wealth. However, in modern times it is often played for fun in land-based casinos as well as at online casinos that welcome players from India.

Passa (Dice)

Passa (Dice)

Passa Rules

When anyone reads that Passa is a game played with dice they immediately assume that the dice are standard ones; however, what makes Passa such a special game is the fact that it is played with two rectangular dice that feature the numbers 1, 3, 4 and 6 only. Moreover, players get to roll the dice until a pair is rolled.

Nevertheless, before the rolling of dice takes part, the player that rolls the dice gets to bet on Jeetae or Hare; Jeetae predicts that the dice will land on two fours or two sixes, whereas the Hare predicts that double ones or double threes shall be the outcome of the roll. In other words, since there are only four numbers and two possible outcomes, this game offers 50% chance for winning or losing. Therefore, many compare Passa as a simple flip of a coin. Nevertheless, the use of dice makes it much more interesting and longer lasting.

Popular Passa Variations

Even though Passa is an absolute favourite among players in India, there is another game similar to it that recently has been gaining on popularity as well. Namely, we are referring to Dice or Indian Dice, a game which many consider to be a contemporary variation of Passa. The main difference between the two is the fact that Dice is played with standard dice and its objective is to make the highest number of matches possible.

Dice is often compared to poker as well since after rolling the dice players get various hands like five of a kind, full house etc. The so-called hand determines the winner i.e. the one with the highest hand.

Playing Passa in Land Based Casinos and at Online Casinos

Since Passa is quite popular among players from India, a large number of brick-and-mortar casinos have decided to feature the game at their gambling facilities. Therefore, players can enjoy this game for real money and even win some cash playing it.

In comparison to Passa’s availability in land based casinos, the game is not so easily found online. This is partially due to the fact it is generally played by players from India and therefore offshore casinos rarely feature it. Nonetheless, there are some options at reputable and reliable online gambling destinations where Indian players can enjoy Passa online. The gameplay of the game online is identical as playing it offline; the player chooses their bet and then rolls virtual dice until Jeetae or Hare is rolled.

Like purchasing playing casino chips in landbased casinos, Indian players that want to play Passa online must make a deposit using an accepted payment method by the operator. Afterwards, these credits are used for placing bets once the player selects Passa as the game they want to play.

How Do I Know That Online Passa Outcomes Are Fair?

Fairness at online casinos has always been an important aspect of the online gambling experience. Online gambling operators take this segment very seriously and use latest technology that guarantees random and fair results each and every gaming session regardless the game. Therefore, when players roll the virtual dice on Passa a random number generator actually provides the outcome of the roll in a completely fair and unpredictable way. This means that players have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of possible unfair results as long as they stick to recommended and reliable operators.

Is Playing Passa Online Safe?

Just like the fairness issue, safety and security are two other issues that often bother players from India that want to play Passa online. However, the best-established online gambling sites hold gambling licences from reputable authorities, which cannot be obtained without meeting high safety and security standards. In order to achieve this, operators use latest encryption technology to prevent hackers from stealing players’ information and have strict privacy policies.