Goa’s land based casinos are filled with Katti, a casino game that Indians will recognize as Andar Bahar, which is a very easy game to play. It’s easy to learn because almost no skill or strategy whatsoever is needed.

Those that are familiar with the game know that the odds are fifty-fifty, so you get basically the same odds as flipping a coin. You could actually wager on a coin flip and still win or lose the same as when you play Andar Bahar.

The Andar Bahar version of Katti originates from Bangalore. When you are in Bangalore, you will spot people playing it at every corner, bust stop, allies and outside bars. It is like seeing Americans playing three-card Monte, the game where you have to guess the Queen of Hearts out of three cards. Similarly like Katti, it’s a game based on luck, but as any gambling game, it offers excitement too.

How it Works

In Andar Bahar, you have equal chances of losing and winning. The game starts when the dealer offers the player to cut a card. After that, one player has to place a bet that the card will appear on the outside or the inside, while the other players bet against or for his prediction. So, when the dealer deals the cards, he deals them alternating one card at a time from the inside (andar) and the outside (bahar) spot. He does this until the card that was cut reappears.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

If it appears on the inside, bets made on the inside win and the same happens with the outside bets when the card appears on the outside. So, all you need here is a little bit of a luck. There is no possibility whatsoever to apply any skill or strategy. Everything is at random (when the game is fair), and there is no logical sequence of appearance. A full deck is normally used.

Be Careful

The problem with Andar Bahar is that it can be easily rigged as people in Bangalore know. All you need is to be a seasoned cheater, a hustler that is quick with his hands so that he can easily position the card on the outside or inside spot depending on the bets. A novice Andar Bahar player would never notice the dealer doing that, and will become the victim of a con-job.

This is why it’s better to play the casino version known as Katti. It’s better because casino dealers have to abide to the house’s standards for fair play, so there is definitely more transparency when playing the game at casinos. Profits from many street Andar Bahar games are going to the mafia, so you can imagine all the kinds of cheats the dealers employ to make enough profit so that the mafia can take its cut.

And the cuts are really big because there are millions of tourists that visit India each year, and no one of them knows the dangers of playing Andar Bahar on the streets. So, it’s best to play this game only in land based casinos across Goa or other parts in India.

Andar Bahar (Katti) at Online Casinos

Unfortunately, the game cannot be played at online casinos for Indian players. No games provider has ever developed a digital version of the game that can be officially played with casino chips, although it’s not a too complicated game to make. There are Katti versions in the Google Play Store, but you can’t play them for real money like roulette and blackjack.

The closest thing to Katti at online casinos is Casino War. It’s a game where one card is dealt each to the dealer and the player. Before the deal, the player has to make a bet and there is only one bet. You bet that your card will be of higher value than the dealers. So if the player’s card is higher, he wins the bet.


Andard Bahar a.k.a Katti is another game that you can add to your bucket list for games to try in your lifetime. The fact that you don’t have to spend more than 20 seconds to learn it helps much in developing instant interest in the game. And as with any game of chance, you can’t expect anything more than to have lots of luck.