Online casino players from India easily recognise Skrill as a leading money transferring service on the market. This popular e-wallet started its operations under the name Moneybookers in 2001 and later rebranded itself to what we now know and love as Skrill.

The provider’s impressive numbers reveal a lot about its reputation and success as a company; it boasts with over 18.5 million users worldwide and it’s present in over 200 countries. Obviously, a large share of its continuous growth goes to the fact Skrill provides fast, safe and cheap money transactions in various currencies.

Registering for a Skrill Account

Skrill operates just like a regular bank account; however, it is completely online, provides anonymity in a way and it’s much faster. In other words, Skrill is like the bank account of any player’s dreams. Prior to being able to use this product players must register for a Skrill account via the operator’s website.



There are some forms that need to be filled out regarding the user’s name, surname, home address, e-mail etc. Naturally, all these must be verified by providing appropriate documentation and once this process is over you will have a fully functional Skrill account.

Transferring Money to and From Skrill

In order to be able to use Skrill as a payment option, a user must have funds in the e-wallet. Therefore, they must link the Skrill account with a bank account or a credit/debit card. This way, they are sending cash from the bank account to Skrill and then they use the funds to make online payments at shops or deposits at online casinos. Indian users have several option when it comes to uploading funds and those include Bitcoin (1% fee), Neteller (3% fee), SWIFT (free), Visa (1.90% fee), MasterCard (2.25% fee) and American Express, Diner’s and JCB, all of which come with a 2.50% fee.

Withdrawals work pretty much the same. There is however only one available option for Indian players to cashout their Skrill funs and that is via SWIFT. Such transactions come with a fixed fee of 425.60 INR or 5.50 EUR. In case the transaction involves any currency conversion, Skrill adds a charge of 3.99% to the wholesale exchange rates.

Using Skrill at Online Casinos

Fans of online gambling in India have already recognised the potential of Skrill as an online payment method. Namely, there are numerous pros of using this e-wallet as a preferred payment method such as instant transfers and low fees.

In fact, most of the online gambling operators not only to not charge any fees on Skrill deposits and withdrawals, but they also reward players for using it with juicy bonuses from 10% to 20% of the amount.

Other important positive aspects of Skrill at online casinos are the transaction time and the anonymity. Bank transfers are both expensive and slow; players usually have to wait for days before their deposit or cashout is processed. However, with Skrill they are able to instantly upload cash into their casino account, while withdrawals are either instant to take up to 72 hours if there is a withdrawal pending time imposed by the casino operator. The anonymity, on the other hand, applies to the bank account or credit card statements. Namely, the transactions completed via Skrill do not show on such statements and therefore nobody will know that a user has been gambling online.

Naturally, it goes without saying that Skrill money transactions to and from online casinos (as well as in general) are perfectly safe and secure. The payment provider is part of the reputable Paysafe Group Plc, it is certified by the Financial Conduct Authority and uses latest encryption technology in order to provide as safe environment to customers as possible.