As popular as e-wallets are among online casino players from India, the world’s best-established e-wallet PayPal sadly is not the best option for them. Even though Indians can use PayPal as a money transferring service as well as a payment option at hundreds of online shops, it simply cannot be used as a banking method across online gambling platforms.

Various regulations and policies are to blame for the situation that forces players to look for other alternatives.

Online Casinos Do Not Accept It

Indian players may feel motivated to use PayPal as a banking method at online casinos because it is widely accepted. However, the disappointment arrives soon since most of the gambling operators, in fact, don’t feature PayPal as a payment and withdrawal method for players from India. Therefore, even though the first impression is that this e-wallet is supported, Indian players cannot use it nonetheless.



PayPal Refuses to Process Transactions to and from Gambling Operators

It surely may be frustrating knowing that other people can use a certain payment method at an online casino and you cannot, but the fault actually lies at PayPal. It turns out that the company has a strict policy on which transactions it processes and which it refuses to process; unfortunately, when it comes to transactions to and from online betting or gambling sites, PayPal processes only transaction from countries that have a very clear stance on online gambling.

In other words, in countries such as the UK where online gambling is officially legal and regulated players can use PayPal. However, at least for now, this doesn’t apply to India.

There Have Been Positive Examples

There have been certain reports of players from India that have managed to upload and cashout funds to and from online casinos despite the policy of the company. However, this isn’t recommended since in case PayPal refuses to process a money transfer then you will have to search for another option and spend time and resources instead of just doing it the appropriate way right from the start.

However, if by any chance you are willing to test your luck, you should keep in mind that you first must sign up for a PayPal account. Afterwards, you need to verify the account and all the information provided such as name, home address, phone number etc. Additionally, it is necessary to link the profile to a bank account and top it up with funds.

Even though casinos rarely apply fees on PayPal deposits and withdrawals, they are charges to be taken into account regarding uploading and cashing out funds form the e-wallet.

Good Alternatives for Indian Players

Since PayPal is definitely not a recommended payment method for Indian players that want to use it at online casinos, users should have some good alternatives to it. For example, those that prefer using an e-wallet, should consider Neteller or Skrill. Both are great options that are widely accepted and offer the exact services as PayPal does. Therefore, regardless which one of them a player chooses, they will be able to make fast and cheap money transfers that are 100% safe and secure.