‘Welcome bonus’ is the most used word and most coveted thing among casino players. The concept is simple, you get to become a new casino member, and the online casino gives you a welcome gift for choosing their services.

Online casinos for players from India can be very generous in the eternal fight to get the most customers. The competition is fierce and everybody looks to make the new players as happy as possible in order to make them stay for longer.

What is a ‘Welcome Bonus’?

A ‘Welcome bonus’ is a term that you will find quite often at online casinos as well as poker, bingo, lottery and other types of websites offering game of chances or skill for real money. As the name suggests, it’s a bonus that you get as a welcome for becoming a first-time member of the particular casino.

Usually the bonus is given as a monetary balance and is intended to boost your bankroll in your quest for a jackpot. Compared to brick-and-mortar casinos, were the welcome gifts extend only to free drinks or free meals, online casinos tend to be much more generous which is why they are more popular too.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

Some casinos will reward their new players with a welcome bonus only when they have made their first deposit, while others sometimes employ a policy of giving out welcome bonuses without the need to deposit. These are simply called no deposit welcome bonuses, and they are the most sought for on the internet because you don’t have to spend your own money to play.

How it Works

The real truth behind why online casinos give out welcome bonuses is not because they are simply philanthropic but because welcome bonuses are their best marketing campaigns able to attract lots of new players.

The welcome bonuses given to players from India work on the same principle as those at other online casinos. You register, you get the bonus after making a deposit (or without a deposit) and you play with it. The rules say what you win is what you keep. But, there is a catch.

All of those flashy welcome bonuses advertised as free money that promise to double your deposit come with a fine print like everything in capitalism. Players that fail to read the fine print are usually those that get burned and go all over the internet badmouthing a casino because of their negligence to learn the rules.

The rules always explicitly announce that there is a thing called wagering requirement that needs to be completed in order for the player to be able to withdraw the winnings generated with the bonus. Note: This wagering requirement is sometimes abused by rogue online casinos by making it impossible to fulfill and you should avoid these casinos at all cost. But, most of the casinos respect fail play so you will find lots of bonuses for players from India that have favorable requirements.

The wagering requirement was invented for the casinos to protect themselves against bonus abusers. Before the time of bonus wagering requirements, players would abuse welcome bonus offers by taking the money and just withdraw them without playing. In order to stop that, the casinos set up these wagering requirements as a safeguard against such players.

Wagering Requirement Explained

The wagering requirement tells you how much wagering action you need to generate in order to withdraw your bonus winnings. This is calculated by multiplying your bonus amount & deposit amount with the wagering requirement.

For example, if the bonus offer is a ‘100% welcome bonus up to $200 free’, which is a pretty standard one, it means that whatever you deposit, your deposit amount will be doubled and you will get no more than $200 as bonus. So, if you deposited $100, you would get $100 more as welcome, leaving you with a bankroll of $200 to play. Now come the calculations.

If the wagering requirement was 25x, in order to find out how much wagering action you need before being able to make a withdrawal of you bonus winnings, you just have to multiply the requirement with the bankroll: 25 x 200 = 5,000. This means that you need to wager $5,000 before withdrawing winnings.

It may sound too much, but many players don’t realize how much actually they spend as they win and wager their winnings again. In couple of hours and with a lucky streak you can fulfill the wagering requirement and walk out with bonus money.

What is the Point of Accepting a Welcome Bonus?

What is the point of doing anything really? There is no point in accepting a welcome bonus if you are not prepared to tackle with the wagering requirements and additional conditions. But, anyway there is a clear point in this. Many players in India can’t afford a high-roller bankroll so they try to boost theirs with any means possible. Welcome bonuses are a very legitimate mean of boosting your play.

When you have only $50 in your casino account, you can enjoy the slots enough time to generate some winnings. But, when you get a $100 bonus boost, you get a chance three times as much to hit the big jackpot. It’s not the same when you wager with $50 in your pocket and with $150.


Nobody is forced to accept a bonus. In fact, rookie players are encouraged to choose wisely or not accept anything at all in order to avoid the pitfalls of bad casinos. But, in truth welcome bonuses are one of the best ways to get you started properly and save some money until you get the hang of it.

Maybe you feel that you can’t afford to spend $100 on casino games, but you desperately want a bigger bankroll. Not a problem, find a welcome bonus with a minimum of 100% match deposit, and by depositing just $50 you will actually end up with $100 in your casino account, enough to get you live and kicking. That is why welcome bonuses exist!