Reload bonuses are incentives aimed at players that have already made a deposit at least once at their favorite casino. Reload bonus offers can be found mostly at online casinos, but they are standard concept at other types of gambling websites too where promotions play big part of the service like poker or sports betting websites.

Reload bonuses are usually not the biggest bonus offers you can find, but they can supply you with a steady stream of bonus money that you can use to wager and win your own money. Anyone that can’t afford to spare much money for playing casino games should consider finding good reload bonus offers on the internet.

Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus

The Purpose of the Reload Bonus

The reload bonus was invented to keep players interested into depositing after using up one-time offers such as the welcome bonus or other special promotions. This way they can double their deposits in most cases every time they want to replenish their casino balance, hence the name ‘reload bonus’, a bonus given every time your reload your bankroll with a new deposit.

Reload bonuses are pretty much constant offers given on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Depending on the casino and its promotions calendar, a reload bonus can be tied to a specific day of the week. For example, some casinos give reload bonuses every Tuesday i.e. every player that makes a deposit on Tuesday can claim a reload bonus.

In best cases, Indian players can find casinos that have reload bonuses of different sizes for almost every day of the week.

Keep in mind that reload bonuses are not as big as, for example, welcome bonuses or other special promotions. Don’t expect anything more than just doubling your deposit, but usually you will get somewhere between 50% and 75% reload bonus applied to your deposit. In best case scenario, a reload bonus can be 150%, but nothing more. Also, in extreme cases the reload bonus can be in the form of free spins or can include free spins in addition to the bonus amount.

How to Get It

The most common case of getting a reload bonus is as part of a welcome bonus package or simply by becoming a regular depositor. When the reload bonus is part of a welcome bonus package, it’s not considered a welcome bonus, only the first bonus in the package is. The other bonus (or bonuses) given on your second (or third and fourth deposit) is actually reload bonus given as a reward for deciding to go past the initial welcome bonus.

Casinos are always happy when their casino members come back with more money to wager on the games, and those that offer reload bonuses are the most appreciative ones. So, if you find a casino with a regular reload bonus offer given on regular intervals, expect even better offers from that casino promotions-wise.

Another way to get it is by making a deposit on the exact day or during the exact time period when the reload bonus is given away. You can find out when that is easily by going through the promotions section of a casino and by reading the terms & conditions for the bonus where every detail is laid out.

Sometimes a special reload bonus code may be needed in order to claim the offer. In general everybody can qualify for a reload bonus, and everyone can opt-out of it.

How is a Reload Bonus Different from Welcome Bonus?

Although a reload bonus can be part of a welcome bonus package, that doesn’t make it a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is only the first bonus in the package and is a one-time offer made to welcome the new depositor. The rest of the package is considered reload bonus because it’s given on the subsequent deposits and balance reloading.

What is so Special About Reload Bonuses?

You may think that reload bonuses are unimportant, small and unimpressive. But, actually they are the bonuses that can be the most important and essential offers at online casinos. Since reload bonuses tend to be of small percentage, their wagering requirements tend to be small too, which means you can get past the requirement easier and withdraw your winnings faster than with other bonuses. Sometimes it’s even better to opt-out of a welcome bonus on your first deposit and go straight for the reload bonuses on your next deposits.


You are going to put money in your casino account anyway, so why not explore the possibilities for reload bonuses at your favorite online casino for Indian players. A reload bonus can be the most rewarding bonus in the online casino industry because it’s not as heavily advertised as welcome or other bonuses. As a result they tend to have more favorable conditions compared to welcome bonuses. Try not to miss golden opportunities and check out some of the reload bonuses at the casinos reviewed on this website.