Here we will introduce you to the concept of free spins and we will explain what they are, when are they given, why are they given and how you can use them. If you are not familiar with this concept, now is the chance to learn something new which can possibly be beneficial for you.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are a type of promotion just like a welcome bonus and other bonuses. They are basically the same as a bonus and are subject to bonus terms & conditions so you have to remember that they come with strings attached unless otherwise stated by the online casino officials.

This means that there maybe game restrictions, wagering restrictions and of course, the wagering requirement.
Nevertheless, free spins are little joyful moments that can sometimes bring you lots of money. As the name says, they are free and they don’t affect your casino bankroll when you are using them to spin the reels of the slot game for which they are intended. But, in return they can do you a lot of good if your luck holds out.

The amount of free spins that are given can vary from 5 up to 250 or more in rare cases depending on how generous the offer is. Naturally, the more the better. But be careful when accepting bigger amounts of free spins. Just like in the case of juicy, big welcome bonuses, they may come with an unfavorable wagering requirement.

When are Free Spins Given?

Free spins are often handed out as part of some grand promotion usually when a casino introduces some new slot game intended to be advertised heavily as the next big hit. Or sometimes they are simply given as part of other bonus offers such as a welcome bonus, reload bonus, loyalty bonus etc. Casinos with good loyalty policy give out free spins on birthdays or other festive occasions.

Oftentimes the free spins are actually the welcome bonus itself, and usually in the form of a no deposit promotion. In such cases you don’t have to make a deposit, but instead you just have to register as a new casino member for which you will receive the gift.

How to use

When you have received free spins and they are intended for a specific game which is almost always the case, all you have to do is simply launch the slot game in question and play. You will notice that your casino balance has appeared in the dashboard of the slot game, but don’t be alarmed because it won’t be affected at all.

When you open the game you are immediately notified that you will be using the free spins and counter will appear. Just start spinning and after you have used them all up, you can continue wagering with your casino balance. All the eventual winnings you have generated from the free spins session are usually treated as bonus money unless otherwise outlined in the terms & conditions. In 99% of cases the winnings are subject to a wagering requirement, which is the last hurdle towards withdrawing your money won using the free spins. Complete the wagering requirement and you can make a withdrawal.

In-Game Free Spins

There are also free spins that you can get while playing a slot game which are not related to any kinds of promotions and bonus offers so you don’t have to fulfill a wagering requirement at all. They are activated through in-game features usually by landing three scatter symbols on particular reels as per the game rules. When you have activated in-game free spins, you can use them immediately upon activation or you will be taken to a second-screen where you can use them with an interesting twist in the game play. Just like with the promotional free spins, your casino balance is not affected here too. All money wagers are put to hold until you have used up your free spins. In-game free spins can be even more interesting then promotional ones because some slot games have a multiplier feature when they are activated. So in the end you might end up with much more money than usual.


If you consider yourself a bonus hunter, you mustn’t give up on every chance to earn free spins. They are a nice way for a player from India to make up for losses he incurred in previous sessions, or simply to boost your casino balance in order to prolong your playing time a bit longer and possibly to hit a jackpot as a result of that. Online casinos in India are known to give some nice offers, but look carefully and read the terms & conditions so you don’t end up bitter for losing money.