If you have ever received a casino bonus in your life, it is most likely that it was a deposit bonus provided that you got it as a reward for making a deposit. In other words, a deposit bonus is a bonus that you get for making a deposit, and it is the most common form of bonus at online casinos. They are also called match deposit bonus indicating how they are determined.

Deposit bonuses are used mainly as a stimulation for Indian players to continue making deposits and oftentimes it means that they can get a deposit bonus on each of their deposits. In most cases everybody is eligible for a deposit bonus.

The most usual deposit bonuses are welcome bonuses which are given to first-time depositors at the casino as a reward for registering to play real-money casino games.

How is a Deposit Bonus Calculated?

The amount of the deposit bonus depends on the size of the player’s deposit. The bonus is usually calculated as a percentage of the deposit up to a certain limit. For example, 100% up to $200. You get a bonus that is 100% of your deposit amount, but the final bonus amount cannot exceed $200.

Sometimes the bonus is added as a separate bankroll but usually it’s mixed with the deposit amount thus forming one big casino bankroll. The best thing is to find an Indian casino that adds the bonus funds as a separate balance, but those are very rare.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus

Also rare are Indian casinos that give unlimited deposit bonuses. This means that anything you deposit may be doubled even if you have deposited $10,000. If you are lucky enough, you may find such a casino. Anyway, it’s not that difficult to get an offer similar to that. If you want bigger limits, you can always ask the casino for a high-roller bonus through the customer support.

Calculating the size of the potential deposit bonus is basic mathematics. The casino applies a percentage to your deposit amount, and that percentage will be your bonus. For example, 100% of $100 is $100. So, when you deposit $100 to get a 100% deposit bonus, you get $100 more i.e. your deposit is doubled. If the bonus is 150%, you get $150 bonus, leaving you with a $250 total casino bankroll. It’s easy mathematics.

What Are the Advantages?

The most obvious advantage with any bonus is that you are getting a bankroll boost. The bigger your deposit, the bigger the boost that you get in the form of a deposit bonus. It obviously works best for players that can afford to spend more than average on casino deposits, but it’s also great for players that can’t afford to spend much on deposits.

For a player that is able to deposit just $50, getting another $50 as a deposit bonus is no small thing. It can be big help especially when you realize that you just got a boost with which your time spent on wagering has been doubled for free.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The disadvantages only come when casinos impose big wagering requirements and otherwise unfavorable terms & conditions. Many players don’t bother to read the terms & conditions for the bonuses they accept in a rush, and end up disappointed because all they did is waste time to beat a wagering requirement intentionally set up to be unbeatable.

The first rule in online casino gaming is to always check the terms & conditions prior to your decision about whether to accept a deposit bonus. It’s one of the most important guidelines when choosing a casino too.

How to Claim a Deposit Bonus?

By now you probably realized that to trigger a deposit bonus offer i.e. to get it, you need to make a deposit. That’s exactly how you do it. Deposit bonuses are usually given automatically upon depositing, but since many players don’t appreciate getting a bonus that they didn’t ask for, some casinos for Indian players post special bonus codes. That way the deposit bonus is given only to players that have claimed it by entering the code in the cashier. In very few cases the player has to contact customer support to get the bonus.

If you have received a deposit bonus that you don’t like, but you got it because it was triggered automatically when you made a deposit, you can easily cancel it by either talking to customer support and explaining your reasons, or there may be an actual ‘Cancel’ or similar button in the bonus section of the casino cashier which will void any bonus funds.

Should You Accept Deposit Bonuses?

Whether or not casino players should accept deposit bonuses depends on the actual bonus offer that they are faced with. You should never accept a bonus just because it’s a big one and you would really love to have a big balance at least for once. That way you maximize your chances of coming out as a loser.

The best way to determine if a deposit bonus has the potential to earn you more money is by reading the terms & conditions and especially by checking the wagering requirement. It’s most the basic homework for any casino player, and it needs to be done if you want it to work. Be smart and find out if the bonus offer was constructed in such a way to be irresistible, but ultimately unfair.