A cashback bonus is one sweet way of cashing in on your net losses over a longer period of playing time. Not every online casino has a cashback bonus to offer, but many of those that do can be used by Indian players that love to play slots.

Its exact opposite is the Top Up bonus, where instead of getting a certain percentage back from your incurred losses, a casino bonus is given on top of your winnings. However, it’s a very rare bonus to be found at online casinos.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback Bonus

In the following we will explain the key points surrounding cashback bonuses, how to get them, what to expect and how beneficial they are, as well as tips on how to find the best offers.


The ‘cashback’ concept is pretty much a common one in today’s commerce. Companies like Lyoness or similar are the most popular whose business revolves purely around giving cash back to customers that shop at various shops around the world. But, the concept is very popular in the online casino industry too.

With the cashback bonus, casinos return money that was wagered and lost to the players that lost it by applying a small percentage to the net losses. That percentage is added back into their casino balance in the form of a bonus. Basically, any cashback you receive at an online casino will be considered bonus.

But, since bonuses include wagering requirements, cashback bonuses are subjected to terms & conditions that rule how the money should be used. It usually means that you have to complete a wagering requirement in order to withdraw the cashback along with the winnings generated in the process.

However, sometimes online casinos waive the wagering requirement on cashback bonuses. This can come as a one-time deal or maybe a regular policy for higher tier players that have advanced greatly on the loyalty leaderboard. It pays to be a loyal casino player, so choose your casino wisely.

How Big Are Cashback Bonuses?

Depending on the casino, its history of promotional offers, bonuses and generosity in general, the cashback bonuses can be as big as 25%. This means that 25% of everything you lost during a specific period of time will be returned back to you in the form of bonus money. However, on average the cashback bonus is much smaller than that.

How to Ask for a Cashback Bonus?

Cashback bonuses are mostly activated automatically or after becoming a member of the casino’s loyalty or VIP club. But, you don’t need to become a VIP player to get cashback. Many casinos offer the possibility to separately claim a cashback bonus as part of a special daily, weekly or monthly calendar. Oftentimes cashback bonuses are triggered only for specific games. For example, a casino will give you a cashback bonus only if you play Dragon’s Myth. Such offers can be sometimes interesting as they may overlap with a game of your liking.

Do I Get the Money Right Away?

A common practice is to give cashback bonus in the form of loyalty points, which are then redeemed for money. How much points you get for each dollar wagered is usually written in the casino’s terms & conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that all cashback offers are calculated in points such as those given on special occasions etc.

How to Choose the Best Cashback Program

The best way to choose the best cashback program is by screening casinos and what they offer in terms of cashbacks as separate bonuses or as part of loyalty or VIP programs. Sometimes a program may seem too good to be true, but only after reading through the terms & conditions specifically intended for the program the truth unravels and shows you the catch.

It’s always a good thing to subscribe to a casino’s newsletter so that you don’t miss any particular cashback offers or other bonuses. After you’ve gone through a casino and you have decided that it has the potential to give you some nice offers, immediately subscribe to the newsletter.


Cashback bonuses are sometimes underestimated because of their small size. But, when you realize that you can get somewhere between $5 and $25 for each $100 lost, it’s not that bad of a deal. In fact, you can say that a good cashback bonus is essential for every casino player. When you are in a battle with a slot trying to hit the jackpot and cash in for the year, every dollar is worth a treasure.